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An exploratory writing workshop can be a great addition to your event, conference schedule or in-house at your organisation. It gives your attendees a space to practice self-care and to reflect in the midst of their busy lives. It also equips them with practical tools to continue their supportive exploratory writing journey after your event. 

Previous conference participants have had this to say about Life Notes writing workshops:

  • I enjoyed the "relaxed, calm atmosphere with (an) encouraging facilitator."
  • "I enjoyed the challenge of being put on the spot to write and see how easy it actually was once I let the words flow."
  • "It was a great experience, and something I never really would have thought about doing."

100% of participants said they would attend another Life Notes' event and that they would recommend it to others!

If would like to discuss how a Life Notes writing workshop would benefit your organisation or enhance your event, please do get in touch at [email protected].

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Previous Live Events:

College of Psychiatrists of Ireland

Winter Conference
10-11 November 2022


Life Notes offered a special workshop for the attendees at the Joint Winter Conference of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland and the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Northern Ireland, at the Grand Hotel Malahide, Dublin, in November 2022.

Thirty attendees spent an hour discovering exploratory writing techniques and playing with several short exercises which examined ideas around work and career. The lovely writers brought a attitude of curiosity and open-mindedness to their pages and left with practices to strengthen their writing muscles, inspiration for further explorations, and permission and encouragement to write their stories. A palpable sense of energy and enthusiasm for the work permeated the room as our time together drew to a close. I hope the exploratory writing techniques they practiced will continue to support them on the journey ahead.